What Are Rehearsals Like

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What Are Rehearsals Like?

Rehearsals are good fun, friendly and informal.

We are a pop choir and concentrate on pop music & musicals. We have quite a song selection, so you will probably know a lot of our material already.

We are a mixed group, of various ages and abilities.  You will be introduced to someone in who will look after you for the evening.

We start at 7:00pm and finish around 9.00pm.

A typical rehearsal is:

7pm – 7:50    Warm-up song, then work on new material (1-2 songs usually)

7:50 – 8pm    A break – licenced cafe is open for tea/coffee/snacks etc

8pm-9pm       Singing session/show rehearsal (approx 10 songs)

Below is a shorten video of the groups learning a song.

Rehearsals are informal and fun.  There’s lots of banter between the groups

We have several groups within our choir.  Soprano’s, Alto, Melody…  You can read our tongue-in-cheek guide to the groups here.  You will be introduced to a group that is suitable to you.   We don’t have lead or front singers.   We arrange our songs so that everyone gets to sing.  Apart from our Melody group who only sing melody, the rest of the groups take turns to sing melody, backing vocals and harmonies.

When we work on songs, we split up into little groups and go over each part of the song we are learning at present.  We may go over that song for several weeks before it starts to become a known song.

There is a short break in the middle where you can have a chat and a coffee.

The rest of the evening is spent singing songs we already know or practicing for a concert. You can often request what you would like to sing (within our current working list), and we try to fit in as many as possible.

There are simple dance moves in our songs (usually consisting of arm gestures and moving on the spot), which we go over during the second half of rehearsal. Please join in if you can.

Homework is usually set at the end of the session; this may be to practice a particular song or have a look at the new song chosen for the follow week.  Homework can be found on our website.

As we use microphones during performances, they are occasionally brought to rehearsals for you to get used to.

It can get warm in our practice room, so wear plenty of layers. Also, you may find it useful to bring your own drink, although there is water freely available or a licensed cafe available throughout the rehearsal.

helen vereker singers - rehearsals

Come for a free taster session to help you decide if you’d like to join.

Group Practice

Lots of Laughter

Concert Practice

Rehearsal with dancers for one of our shows

Rehearsal (22)

Dress Rehearsal


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